Section 2.3: The Arithmetic of $latex\mathbb{Z}_p$ (p Prime) and $latex\mathbb{Z}_n$$

In my analysis of this section I noted that Hungerford often switches between the conventional modular arithmetic notation (with the brackets []) and then uses the number by itself. While both are completely valid certain uses are better than others. That is the notation is much better than a if there are integers in being used …

Section 2.3: The Arithmetic of $latex\mathbb{Z}_p$ (p Prime) and $latex\mathbb{Z}_n$$ Read More »

Section 2.3 Analysis

Section 2.3: The Structure of (p Prime) and We’ve mentioned that Modular Arithmetic is used in cryptography. However after studying this section it seems more likely that (p being a prime number) to be used in cryptography since there rules governing, for example, units are even more strict.

Prime Numbers

Primes As mentioned before: an integer is prime if the only divisors of said integer are ±1, or ± said-integer, but 0 and ±1 are not considered to be prime. (Think about it any integer divides