Prime Numbers

Primes As mentioned before: an integer is prime if the only divisors of said integer are ±1, or ± said-integer, but 0 and ±1 are not considered to be prime. (Think about it any integer divides

Sections 1.1-1.3

Abstract Algebra Hungerford Section 1.1: The Division Algorithm Summary: Division is the repeated subtraction of a number there is a remaining value that is less than the number. This is idea is formally presented with the Division Algorithm

My Introduction: Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Hello World! I am a senior at Brigham Young University (BYU) studying physics. I’ve taken math classes up to Ordinary Differential Equations and here I start my study of Abstract Algebra (I will study Hungerford’s 3rd edition of his book entitled Introduction to Abstract Algebra). I realized a year ago that understanding physics well requires a firm …

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