Focus on Mathematics: Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Dynamics, most of what we know on earth relates to a fluid in one form or another. Blood moves through our body, wind blows through trees, and avalanches of solids fall. Fluid Dynamics itself deals specifically with air and water. It is a complex combination of physics and mathematics that allows fluids to be analyzed. Physically, a greater understanding of compression, movability, and energy transfer are gained. Mathematically fluids allow insight into nonlinear differential equations, chaos, asymptotics, and perturbation theory.

It is a subject worth studying because of the how often fluids are found in our daily interactions. Knowing how things move allows each of us to understand better how most things that we see work. It answers questions like “How does blood move through our body?”, “How do different fluids interact?” (for example, how does an air bubble move in water?).

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